Motto: Seek, Serve and follow Christ

The 12th Nassau Company of the Girl’s Brigade still remains true to its mission: “To empower girls and young women in our local communities to develop and use their gifts, talents and skills to discover what it means to live their lives to the fullest – just being themselves”. The basic Principle: “To acknowledge Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and be witnesses to the standard set by Jesus Christ in order to promote a just society where all are equally valued”


Life Skills..

Each Saturday between 10:00 am. -1:00 pm. girls ages 5-17 meet to engage each other in Personal Development Sessions. Whether it’s trying new cooking recipes, learning sewing techniques, or etiquette training, these young ladies learn important skills that can be used in their everyday living. Special emphasis is placed on Bible knowledge. In addition, there are provision for Spelling and Speech Development Competitions.


Giving back..   

As a part of its outreach ministry, the Girl’s Brigade visits the home for the elderly on a regular basis where hot meals are prepared and served.


Fun things…

As a part this Ministry, girls and young ladies also take part in fun activities. Field trips and Camping are just to name a few..


Join us!


Ministry Coordinator(s):

Capt. Judy Wood

Capt. Judy Wood, Girl’s Brigade

Sis. Janet Debarros

Sis. Janet Debarros, Children’s Church