180 years and still serving God, Now and Forever

Welcome to Zion Baptist Church – a beacon of light and tower of refuge for more than 180 years. Opened for public worship on August 28th, 1835, this church has gathered to testify of the love of God in Christ Jesus. There is an expectation that God will do extraordinary things. And we are fully persuaded that you will feel the touch of God as you worship alongside other persons maturing in the Faith. If you know the joys of sins forgiven and are in search of meaning and purpose, we are a family that will envelop you with love and help to usher you into a place where you can encounter God. If you are in need of prayer, or would like to share a praise report or even just want to share how this Ministry has blessed you, please feel free to contact us.

It’s important that you have a church that you and your family can call home. Today, we invite you to make Zion Baptist Church that place you call home. Being a part of Zion means that you are part of a family that embraces diversity, encourages spiritual growth and seeks to make an impact on the wider community and the world.

Member Orientation classes are offered to give you a chance to hear first-hand what the vision and values are of Zion Baptist Church. By engaging knowledgeable co-labourers in the Faith, you are able to gain perspective and direction for your life. Membership is extended to persons who have attended orientation classes, and are committed to, and share the vision of the church. Each candidate is expected to acknowledge God as Sovereign and fully embrace the tenants of Faith of our Local Assembly. This includes praying, attending worship services and supporting the ministry financially. Members are received on the first Sunday of each month.

Again, thank you for visiting with us.


New Member Orientation Committee

Dec. Sheldon Johnson

Dec. Yelverton Cox

Dec. Yelverton Cox, Marriage & Family Life Ministry

Baptismal Classes

Dec. Walton Winters

Dec. Walton Winters, Baptismal Classes, Men’s Ministry