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Shattered but not broken…

Shattered, but not broken…
Since its original construction in 1835, Zion Baptist Church (East & Shirley Streets) has certainly seen its share of structural/property damages and subsequent renovations. In 1931, the Late Rev. Talmadge Sands led efforts to completely restore the roof and Eastern portion of the structure, following the Hurricane of 1929. The entire project took ten years to reconstruct (1931-1941). It was in the 1970s that the Late Rev. Dr. Charles C. Smith led the efforts to install shingling.
Then in October, 2016, Zion Baptist Church was dealt another devastating blow during the passage of Hurricane Matthew. With wind speed up to 140 mph, there was much concern about how the islands would fare. The safety of the Church’s Property was also of equal concern. As the entire country waited with baited breath, homes and business were “batten down” with hopes that damages would be minimal.  News reports stressed that there would be a direct hit on New Providence – meaning that it would feel the full wrath of Mother Nature. This would be the first time in a very long time. Winds and rain pounded the island for days. The country was called to Corporate pray.
In the Aftermath of hurricane Matthew, Engineers and contractors were called in for a full assessment of the structure. Debris was everywhere. The roof was compromised although the walls seemed sound. The interior of the Church was also damaged. The ceiling, pews, electrical and sound systems were ruined. The damages were estimated in the hundreds of thousands.  To this end, the Church embarked on major fund raising efforts to begin its roof repair project.

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