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Is the Church still relevant today? -By Edward Mcphee

The relevance of the Church is found in the ‘Great Commission’ which is to “Go into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature”. Chief among the challenges that believers face in carrying out this mission is just how effective are they in impacting Culture, Politics, Economics, and Education. The apparent absence of the Church’s influence in these arenas leads many to question its relevance.

Is the Church making an impact? The Church is not being heard above its whisper to foster change in National Policy or Succession Planning. Nor is it strategically placing itself in forum where its influence affects what is discussed in the Halls of  Parliament. This truly makes for a serious argument for the separation of Church and state. Has the church gone mute? Is its voice truly silent? The absence of the Church’s influence correlates with so many social ills in our Society. Therefore, the Church’s relevance may not be the question, but rather the commitment of believers to fulfill the Great Commission.

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