The Mission of the Sunday School Department is for participants to Know the Lord Jesus Christ and to make Him known through Discipleship, Evangelism, Worship, Fellowship and Ministry. In summary, it is to carry out the Great Commission to children, youth, and adults in preparation for a lifetime of making Christ-like disciples in the nations.



The Sunday School provides Bible based, age and experience appropriate teachings that transform the moral insight and life of the student. Students are equipped to make positive contributions to their spiritual and  social communities.

Our program seeks to focus on some important principles :-

  1. To teach the Word of God so that children, youth, and adults desire to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and are maturing in the Christian experience.
  2. To empower students of all ages to see how the scripture applies to their life situations and the world in which they live.
  3. To help Christians grow spiritually through evangelism , Christian Education and making of disciples.
  4. To encourage children, youth and adults enrolled in Sunday School, to faithfully participate in the life of the local Church , and to make a Godly difference in their families and other circles of influence.
  5. To intentionally develop relationships with unreached/unsaved people so that they become desirous of having a personal-saving relationship with Jesus Christ, and empower them to go and make Christ-like disciples.


As a ministry, the Sunday School has the platform to affect the effectiveness of the church in a so many ways. Because its focus is so far reaching, its potential has become a matter of prayerful consideration. Since 1994 Sunday School Emphasis has been observed. While Sunday School engages in Ministry at other times during the the year  September has been established as Sunday School Emphasis Month.

Beginning the at the end of August and through September, the Sunday School organizes a variety of Church wide and outreach activities. These activities begin with the annual Back to School event which caters to students in the immediate environs of the Church.  Other Emphasis Month activities include the Annual Advancement/Promotion Program, Psalms Alive, Memory Verse Competition , Family Conference and Scripture Verse Balloon Launch.

The Sunday School meets between 9:45 am – 10:50 am each Sunday, and caters to all ages.  Students are peered in the following age groups:

Beginners – 6 years and under

Younger Children – 7-9 years

Older Children – 10-12 years

Youth– 13-18 years

Young Adults-19-30 years

Adults 30 years  and older


Sunday School Leaders:

The Ministry is led by a team of dedicated teachers . Sis Josephine Parker serves as Superintendent while Bro. Dwayne Williams serves as Director.


Beginners: (6 yrs) Shaunda Strachan, Janet Debarros, Sharon Smith

Younger Children: (7-9 yrs) Ruth Turnquest, Dr. Janet Dorsett

Older Children (10-12 yrs) Kandies Smith

Youth 1 (13-15 yrs) Lois Hall, Daphne Williams

Youth 2 (16-18 yrs) Dr. Ismae Whyms, Anton Minnis

Young Adults (19-29 yrs) Herbert Coakley, Cypreanna Winters

Adults (30 yrs and older) Lorraine Moss, Josephine Parker, Sheila Strachan, Beth Stewart, Philip Dorsett and Dwayne Williams

Teachers are exposed to home and international workshop and training sessions.


Ministry Coordinators:

Evan. Sharon Smith

Sis. Sharon Smith, Evangelism Ministry, Prayer Ministry

Bro. Dwayne Williams

Bro. Dwayne Williams, Christian Education, Family Life Ministry, Prayer Ministry, Public Relations Ministry/Secretariat

Sis. Josephine Parker

Sis. Josephine  Parker, Sunday School Superintendent