Psalmist Ministries

“Praise the Lord! Sing to the Lord a new song, his praise in the assembly of the faithful”. – Psalm 149:1

The Ministry of Psalmody is a comprehensive organization that meets the Musical needs for a diverse conglomerate of constituents that attend Zion Baptist Church.  From Traditional Hymns, to Negro Spirituals to Contemporary Gospel music, the focus is to usher God’s people into His presence. Music, a vital part of the worship experience, creates an atmosphere for worship before the Word of God is released. This department includes musicians, praise team and choir.

The Music Department is comprised of various components which include:

Praise Ensemble

This team of anointed worshippers lead the Church into worship every Sunday.


Sis. Teneir Mcphee

Sis. Teneir Mcphee, Praise Ensemble

The Adult Sanctuary Choir

This group is comprised of about 75 persons that really love the Lord. Dedicated to Ministry through song, this Choir sings more traditional styles of music.


Sis. Jenniemae Cox

Sis. Jenniemae Cox, Adult Sanctuary Choir, Family Life Ministry

The Angelic Choir

The Angelic Choir provides musical selections for the 8:00 am Morning Glory Service.


Sis. Judith McDonald

Sis. Judith McDonald, Martha’s Kitchen, Angelic Voices

The Voices of Zion

The Voices of Zion Choir sings more contemporary styles of gospel music.


Bro. Holman McDonald Jr.

Bro. Holman McDonald Jr., Voices of Zion

The Heavenly Melodies

The Heavenly Melodies Chorale is an ensemble of disciplined singers that sing choral styles of music. The Ministry of Heavenly Melodies Ensemble through Psalmody seeks to cultivate an atmosphere for the Message of the Gospel to generations born, and yet unborn, letting dying men and women know who Jesus the Christ, the Son of the Living God is. We understand the power and healing that can flow through music and therefore we take this Ministry seriously. Our platform seeks God through the art of worship within the genres of spirituals and both traditional and contemporary Gospel music.

As a part of our outreach, we do hospital and home visitations as well as Street Meetings


Sis. Charis Johnson

Sis. Charis Johnson, Heavenly Melodies



Bro. Wemsley Smith

Bro. Wemsley Smith, Organist/Keyboard

Sis. Veronica Smith

Sis. Veronica Smith, Senior Organist