Men Of Valor

Empowering Men to Recover, Rebuild, and to Restore our Nation


The men of Zion have taken on the mantra to “lead by example” as they passionately pursue the things of God. The overall purpose is to develop men into becoming true disciples for Christ. Upon joining the Church, enrollment in this Ministry is automatic for every man. The vision is to impact and empower the male believer with transformative truths that enable men to experience a richer, fuller relationship with Jesus Christ. The approach is a practical, pragmatic one. This includes making assessment of obstacles that cause blockages- that have historically deterred men from being successful in Kingdom growth while providing solutions for empowerment. Additionally, the goal of the Men’s Ministry to enhance and guide men into Biblically sound relationships that in turn positively affect their families, the church and the wider Community.  By making continual deposits into their spiritual, emotional, and economic development, the objective is to have men seek their rightful place in the Kingdom of God. The Men’s Ministry meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month. Not just a Men’s Ministry but a Ministry to men.


  • To promote a greater understanding of the spiritual and relationship issues confronting men and their relationship with God
  • To provide a forum for males to share experiences and ideas, and to serve as a positive support group;
  • To champion the cause, and to safeguard the rights of men enshrined on the Bahamas constitution;
  • To identify and effect positive change regarding key issues affecting males;
  • To contribute to the education of males with regard to their roles as fathers, spouses and citizens;
  • To empower males to effectively discharge their responsibilities within the family unit; and
  • To forge strong links and establish working relationships with local, regional and international organizations with similar objectives.


Ministry Coordinators

Bro. Jouette Smith

Jouette Smith, Men’s Ministry

Bro. Steven Strachan

Bro. Steven Strachan, Family Life Ministry, Men’s Ministry

Dec. Walton Winters

Dec. Walton Winters, Baptismal Classes, Men’s Ministry

Bro. Anton Minnis

Anton Minnis, Men’s Ministry

Bro. Bradley Cunningham

Bradley Cunningham, Men’s Ministry