Our Pastor Rev. T. G. Morrison

It was on October 27, 1999 when the people of God would elect and call for the third time a native of New Providence, T. G. Morrison who was trained by Zion, worked at Yamacraw and was serving as Pastor of Mount Moriah Baptist Church, to fill the office of Pastor at Mother Zion. On Sunday, March 19, 2000, the congregation of Zion welcomed Rev. T. G. Morrison together with his wife RoyAnne and daughter Teranne, to the mammoth task that God had called them to fulfil. On that historic day the membership rejoiced on the installation of Terrance Gerard Morrison as Pastor of ancient Zion.

Today, under the leadership of God’s enthusiastic general and spirit-driven under shepherd Rev. T. G. Morrison, Zion a beacon on the corners of East and Shirley Streets, continues to expand. The legacy left behind by Rev. Dr. Charles C. Smith and Rev. Talmage Sands remains alive and vibrant. Two sons of Zion, Rev. Ulric Smith and Rev. Anthony Sampson, received theological training in Jamaica and in the United States of America respectively. Several other young persons are praying about and wrestling with God’s call to Ordained Ministry.

Pastor Morrison relies on his unwavering faith in the power of God to overcome obstacles and challenges. He has not allowed anything to stop, derail, deter, or retard the forward march of the Church in its pursuit for excellence. Spiritual growth, family development and fellowship have increased through the implementation of new ministries such as the Seniors’ Ministry, the Marriage and Family Life Ministry, the Singles’ Ministry, Martha’s Kitchen, Shirley Talks Ministry and Zion’s Institute.

A dynamic, anointed and visionary man called by God for this season, Pastor Morrison continues to preach and teach the un-compromised word of God, for the conversion of sinners and the building up Christ’s kingdom here on earth. Mother Zion remains a storehouse, a filling station and a place where saints could be revived, lost souls could be reached and those who have fallen can be restored.

Under the direction of the Holy Spirit and the leadership of Pastor T. G. Morrison, we the people of Zion say: “To God be the Glory for the great things He has done and continues to do”. It is our prayer that God would grant us mercy and grace as we strive to do his will.

May God’s blessing be with Pastor Morrison and his family, as he seeks God’s wisdom to continue the legacy started in 1835 by faithful Baptist Missionaries from Britain. As we celebrate our 180th Anniversary, aided by God’s Holy Spirit we will remain: “Firm, Focused And Faithful on a Goodly Heritage” while Pursuing Excellence: “Planted, Prepared and Poised for Powerful prophetic Proclamation”.

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