The ministry of caring for the sick is a time-honored practice of the church and an act of agape love exemplified by Jesus’ compassion for those who were suffering. When we think of ministry, we often think of the words of Jesus in the Great Commission, “Go and make disciples” (Matthew 28:19). Jesus, however, also said something about caring for the sick when He sent out His disciples for ministry, Jesus commissioned and empowered them to “heal every disease and sickness” (Matthew 10:1).

Rev. Leon Wilson

Rev. Leon Wilson, Family Life Ministry, Evangelism Ministry, Hospital/Visitation Ministry, Prayer Ministry

Sis. Mildred Johnson

Sis. Mildred Johnson, Hospital/Visitation Ministry, Women’s Ministry

Sis. Lillian Charlton

Sis. Lillian Charlton, Hospital/Visitation Ministry

Nurse Sharmon Williams

Nurse Sharmon Williams, Hospital/Visitation Ministry

Nurse Carla Newton

Nurse Carla Newton, Hospital/Visitation Ministry

Dr. Ismae Whymms

Dr. Ismae Whymms, Hospital/Visitation Ministry

Sis. Ramona Wilson

Sis. Ramona Wilson, Martha’s Kitchen, Hospital/Visitation Ministry, Family Life Ministry, Prayer Ministry

Rev. Leon Johnson

Rev. Leon Johnson, Martha’s Kitchen, Street Meetings, Hospital Visitation