Whether it’s standing at the entrance to the church providing bulletins, answering questions regarding our church doctrine and beliefs, or warmly greeting all who enter can help enhance a person’s worship experience.  Research shows that first time attendees make up their minds in the first 10 minutes whether they will return.  Here at Zion, we seek to ensure that all who come to this church, whether to join, visit, or take part in a special service, are welcomed into God’s house.  Our goal is to enhance the worship experience of all who enter by helping them feel comfortable, cared for and well informed.



The Ministry’s Purpose is to present the love of Christ to all those that enter the doors by greeting them with a warm smile, handshake or hug. Serving the church family is what we are all about. Jesus encouraged us to practice hospitality and in this ministry there are many opportunities to just that. We desire to create an atmosphere of love, fellowship, and excitement for everyone who enters the church through a friendly welcome, knowledgeable information about the church, and help for those who need it.


If you enjoy making people feel welcomed, we have a place for you on the Greeting Team! If you enjoy providing helpful, friendly information to people and have a solid understanding of what our church vision is about, serving at the Information Desk may be a good place for you!  Church members with the desire to serve others will find true fulfillment in this ministry.


Ministry Coordinators:

Rev. T.G. Morrison

Rev. T.G. Morrison, Pastor, Hospitality Ministry, Christian Education,  Bible Study, Zion’s Institute,

Sis. Sharon Seymour

Sis. Sharon Seymour, Greeters

Bro. Alpheus Sampson

Bro. Alpheus Sampson – Usher Board, Chairman

Sis. Lorraine Williams

Sis. Lorraine Williams, Usher Board President

Bro. Paul Adderley

Bro. Paul Adderley, Jr. Usher Board