Creative Arts Ministry

Performing Arts includes music, drama, and dance delivered through live performances. We are passionate about Christian worship through the arts and embrace the values that it contributes to our church and society; therefore, we are creative, energetic, innovative, and proactive, consistently seeking new ways to realize our mission, vision, core principals and goals.

There is a definite need for Creative Arts in the Church. And as a Ministry, the Daughters Of Virtue and Little Saints in Praise, seek to deliver the word of God through the medium of modern dance.

The purpose of the dance ministry is to groom young ladies to deliver God’s message of love, salvation, healing, encouragement and deliverance using the stage as its platform. Young ladies ages 5 years and older who feel passionate about dance and sense the call of God on their lives, are able to use this particular expression as an avenue to “win some”.

Daughters of Virtue

This is an anointed group of dancers whose main purpose is to usher in the presence of God for worship services, special services and church events. As the senior dance group, the Daughters of Virtue (DOV), welcome young ladies ages 16 years and older to this group. Rehearsals are held every Thursday evening at 6:30 pm.  As a part of its outreach, the Dance Ministry is currently working on a program to partner with a Home for Teen Mothers. By donating clothing as well as baby items the goal is to empower their contemporaries to become better citizens. In addition,  there is a fun day designed to boost self-esteem  and confidence of the young girls by including dance lessons, make-up & hair application tips, they share the word of God.


Sis. Tonya Sampson

Sis. Tonya Sampson, Daughters of Virtue

Sis. Terese Murphy

Sis. Terese  Murphy, Daughters of Virtue

The Little saints in Praise

The little saints in Praise which forms the junior arm of this Ministry work with girls between the ages of 5 and 15 years old.  Rehearsals are held on Saturdays at 1:00pm.


Sis. Ilissa Cash

Ilissa Cash is currently a senior at The College of the Bahamas where she is pursuing a Bachelors of Science degree in Bio/Chem. She is very active in the church and enjoys art, gardening and fishing. She loves softball but has a passion for dance. She began dancing at Elementary school. Ilissa is anointed to...