By nature we are curious and desire to know more. It is this same curiosity and desire that has driven humankind to achieve the advancements we have. This innate desire starts from birth and continues throughout our lives. How this desire is developed throughout our lives, through various internal and external experiences, has a profound effect on how we approach learning and ultimately how and what we learn. It is important that teaching takes place in the church to provide a balance from the various secular teachings of our culture. This is not to say that all secular teaching is bad, but it does lack the biblical foundation that Christian education can provide. Many Christians are not able to attend schools from elementary age up to the college level that is designed for Christian education, so this is where the church can fill that void.

Christian education is a vital part of the overall ministry here at Zion. It provides those in the church an opportunity to explore and understand their faith in unique ways beyond what may be accomplished through other church ministries. If the church is going to remain strong and vibrant in an ever-changing and increasingly pluralistic culture, then providing its members with a strong foundation on which to stand must be a part of it. This foundation is effectively built, among other things, through Christian education. At Zion, we believe that this ministry is the foundation for lifelong learning and growth toward a mature and vital faith. With intentional learning and Christian formation, we become the people God calls us to be, and we develop gifts and strengths for encouraging and leading others to the same strong faith.

Christian education in the church today may be as important, if not more important, than at any other time in church history. Our culture is becoming increasingly pluralistic and relativistic. As a result, truth, if there is such a thing, is being heavily debated. In this culture, is there truth? In a relativistic society, can there be any absolutes? If we take hold of these philosophies we will have a difficult time answering those questions. This is why Christian education in the church to be so important.

As effective as preaching is, it can only do so much. If we are going to stand up confidently and tall as Christians on the truth of God’s Word in this culture then we must be well-educated in biblical principles, theology, doctrine, etc. It will be necessary if we are to enter the “truth” debate and perform effectively in it. It is extremely important, therefore, that church leaders remain committed to Christian education and its contribution to the effectiveness of the overall ministry of the church.

The church should be a place where teaching takes place.


Ministry Coordinators:

Rev. T.G. Morrison

Rev. T.G. Morrison, Pastor, Hospitality Ministry, Christian Education,  Bible Study, Zion’s Institute,

Bro. Dwayne Williams

Bro. Dwayne Williams, Christian Education, Family Life Ministry, Prayer Ministry, Public Relations Ministry/Secretariat

Rev. Anthony Sampson

Rev. Anthony Sampson, Christian Education, Marriage Preparation Counselling

Evan. Sharon Smith

Sis. Sharon Smith, Evangelism Ministry, Prayer Ministry

Sis. Josephine Parker

Sis. Josephine  Parker, Sunday School Superintendent